Response to Daily Post #50: If I had a million dollars

The topic of the day was what would I do with a million dollars, tax free.

I thought this was a pretty tough topic, but here is the list of what I would probably do with the money. Since a million dollars doesn’t just fall on your lap, and in the case of this question it does, I figure why not live a little and spend all of it?

  1. Finish paying all my tuition (next year and two years grad) = 120,000
  2. Pay for the rest of my sisters law school = 60,000
  3. Buy a crapload of clothes, enough that I won’t need to worry about it ever again = 50,000
  4. Pay off my parents mortgage = 50,000 (I reckon?)
  5. Get an apartment in Forest Hills for the remainder of college + grad school (+groceries, etc) = 160,000
  6. 20 ticket packages for New York Yankees games in the suites for about 4 seasons = 30,000
  7. Buy a Tesla Roadster (stylish and electric!) = 120,000
  8. Donate money to various charities = 300,000
  9. Expensive dinner for me and my family = 1,000
  10. Trip to Japan with me and my friends = 50,000
  11. Help cousins/family with the rest = 50,000

I think I’m still left with 9,000. I think I would spend that on getting a french bulldog and taking care of it.

Well, that’s what I’d do with a million clams.


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