In most sports, currently College Basketball, there is a tournament at the end of the regular season where 64 teams are invited to compete in a tournament put together by the NCAA  where one team is crowned the champion.
For teams like mine, (St. John’s University) this has been a very positive season. We’ve lost a few really bad games that we should have won, but we also won a lot of big games against teams that were supposed to be better than us. I remember in one interview Steve Lavin, our new head coach this year started talking about determining your own destiny. To paraphrase, instead of having the NCAA Selection Committee see whether you’re good enough to be in the tournament or not, you can take destiny into your own hands and do what you can to make that process a little easier on them.

For me, I draw a lot of inspiration from sports. I think it’s a great source of it, there’s so many stories every day of the people who had to overcome a lot of adversity, to the teams that are considered severe underdogs blowing out the top teams. Being one of the underdog teams this year, I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from my basketball team this season.

Its the concept that you can go out there and get whatever you want to achieve. The harder you work at it, the more you put your heart into it, you’ll get what you want. Doesn’t matter whose counting you out, or whatever odds aren’t in your favor. I have a feeling that this is my year and that every goal I’m setting out to accomplish will be achieved.


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